About Leo Valet

Our Story

Leo Valet is the product of two entrepreneurs who after three years of success in the valet industry decided to use our youthful energy and industry knowledge to offer a superior valet service in Philly.

This company was founded because we were sick of seeing people paying for a service that was just good enough. We wanted to shake up the valet in Philly and event services industry with a service that delivers on all of its promises and then some.

Our Approach

As senior valet associates we are always looking for ways to elevate the valet in Philly we provided. We quickly realized that to truly do this we had to create our own brand that valued superior services above all else.


At Leo Valet, our promise to you is this: whether we park 100 cars or 10, every car will be looked after as if it were our own prized possession. Every customer is treated as if they were family. Our goal is to make your event as worry free and enjoyable as possible without costing you a fortune. This is how we’ve conducted our business from the very beginning, and how we intend on keeping it. We feel it’s the only proper way to conduct our business and best of all, we love what we do.


We are proud to bring you valet in Philly that is professional, fully insured, and reasonably priced.

Why Choose Leo Valet

We're Professional

We understand your goal to impress and accommodate your guest, and we share that same goal. Leo Valet is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

We're Efficient

We go above and beyond the status quo. Leo Valet outperforms in a pinch, while keeping things organized and accurate.

We're Ethical

We work to maintain our core values of honesty and integrity. Leo Valet is always on the client’s team, and we plan to keep it that way.

Meet the Team

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